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Mini Love Doll Small Dutch Wife

cute love doll girl real doll

Aibei Love Doll

In our store, when you buy one AiBeiDoll, you will receive another head for free! 🎁� real doll co � 156 pieces to choose from! Aibei Doll Head


Comes with reviews & photos from buyers!

Be captivated by the beautiful mature dutchwife

Big Boobs, Big Butt Busts Big Tits Doll

Mature love doll is so sexy! Soft, busty, plump buttocks with eyes. Please try to touch the rich bodies to your fullest. Then look at your gentle gaze. It's absolutely sure to sati women doll for men sfy you.


“SPECIAL” sexy body temptation. Torso type, limited product

This is a torso type, part limited product.

Enjoy a different touch from the full size love doll.

The size is not as big as the full size, the weight is light, and the handl talking blow up dolls ing is good, so you can easily create a new experience. It's also easy to clean.

Of course, we have lower body models as well.

Love doll lighter

Brand new love doll


Made of silicone made in China, with years of research and experienced artisans, to achieve a lifelike finish on human skin, blood, blood vessels, and skin wrinkles. Life-size fu rubber love dolls ll robots for sale for adults boasts quality and perfection that can't be considered the cheapest price. It is a brand that I wou newest love dolls ld recommend to those who are in doubt!


Real Doll Photo Collection • User Albums List

A list of photos received from customers sext dolls who purchased them.

sex doll ebay Real Photo Uncensored Image

This is a complete picture of the sex doll ebay lifelike silicone dolls that I have shipped so far! You will receive your love doll as it is! Please check the quality of the real thing. real doll female

Love doll costume

Useful information

Love doll care video

Please refer to this commentary video for how to maintain and wash your love doll.


Love Doll Store with High Cospa — kanadoll

What is a love doll?

Love Doll (also known as Dutch Wife, Real Doll) is a doll that is close to a real female shape, mainly for men to enj quality love dolls oy sex imitatively It is sometimes used not only for sex but also for aigan, viewing, and photography. The skin and female genital realdoll bestellen ia are also made of materials and shapes that are close to the real thing.

There are many metal skeletons inside which allow arms and legs to move and maintain various postures. Although th real doll sex doll e shape and feel are close to the real thing, many of them are relatively small in height and light weight.

Types of love dolls

TPE Love Doll and robots for sale for adults

Both TPE and silicon each have their advantages and disadvantages. As a professional sex doll seller, I think TP male blow up dolls E sex doll is a good choice for beginners.

Price: robots for sale for adults is 50-100% higher than TPE doll. robots for sale for adultss can be up to 800,000 yen.

Elasticity: TPE material has excellent elasticity. Silicon is also excellent in elasticity, but not as good as TPE.

Heat resistance: Silicone material can withstand high temperature conditions, while TPE has no heat resistance.

Surface smoothness: The smoothness of the surface of TPE is inferior t dsex toys o the smoothness of the surface of silicon.

Cleaning: TPE material is porous, so it can be harder to clean than silicone.

Recyclable: TPE is recyclable and silicone cannot be recovered.

Love doll sex

Love dolls for men who want to have sexual pleasure but do not have a female partner It is a sex toy designed fo silicone doll r These sex dolls are designed to mimic the human anatomy of a woman. They both have th plus size love doll e features of the buttocks, chest, curved hips and thighs, vagina and ordinary female facial features.

Female sex doll for women who need a male sex partner It is a designed adult toy These love dolls look almost the same as real men and usually have balls and penis on the male torso. There are also humanoid robots for sale cheap ordinary masculine facial features.

Robot Love Doll is a sex doll with artificial intelligence and is essentially realistic love doll that can strictly mimic h japanese manga dolls umans, so it speaks, laughs, sings, reacts to touch, etc. Del aex dolls ivers sophisticated movement and performance There is no doubt that sex robots will be the future of sex dolls.

Love doll style

In order to satisfy everyone's tastes as much as possible, love dolls of different faces and styles are realistic life size dolls sold on the market. Cute love doll, beautiful love doll, loli love doll, It can be purchased for girlish love dolls, mature love dolls, and foreign love dolls.

Love doll height and figure

Love dolls come in a variety of heights, depending on the height range of mini love dolls, small love dolls Can be divided into life-size sex doll, tall sex doll.

Depending on the type of body, small tits Love Doll, Good Tits Love Doll, Big affordable sex dolls , Huge affordable sex dolls has many categories.

About Kanadoll

In July 2021, Kanadoll's regional enterprise research team conducted a one-month survey in Guangdong Province, ebony love dolls China.
Visit directly to 34 Love Doll factories located in Guangdong, and we Kanadoll see our mission through unique research and torso real doll manufacturing process tours I put it out.
Our mission — it is to provide the most cost-effective products for love doll enthusiasts around the world. And to find emerging factories that full silicone dolls manufacture high-quality products that are not famous, help brand development, an sax doll d develop and grow together.
These two missions are closely related, and our ideals will not be fulfilled if one or the sex robots that talk other is missing.

Here's how we can achieve high cost performance.

Business alliances with emerging manufacturers are not the only ones that achieve high cost performance. We have a large sales volume, thereby realizing trust from fact mini love dolls for sale ories and reducing costs through large orders. In addition, since we receive a large number of orders every month in logistics, life size doll we have signed contracts for traders with transportation companies to achieve real doll company cost savings.

In summary
① successful in suppressing high quality and price by partnering with emerging small brands
② Cost reduction by large order
③ Reduction
of transportation costs by mass ordering

By realizing these three things, we realized a high cost performance that can only be done by us.

How many days will it arrive after ordering?

After the order has been settled, it can be delivered around 12-15 days.

How to maintain and care for your love doll How to use the love doll
1. Regularly apply baby oil, olive oil, etc. Due to the material, the doll's skin slowly seeps oil. (This is called bleed.) This reduces the elasticity of the skin or dries giant size dolls up after a long time. Regularly applying olive oil, etc., can significantly extend the life of the doll. It is recommended realdoll 2020 to apply once a month.
2. After washing, apply a powder, such as baby powder or cornstarch. Bleed allows you to keep the skin of sticky doll dry while limiting bleed and f japanese pleasure robots urther extending the life of the doll.
3. Wear a condom when using the doll. A condom can c real female sex doll ompletely zero contact of the doll's vagina and the male penis. This allows you to maximally protect the doll's vagina from washing and drying. sexsimulator for free Excessive washing of the doll's vagina can cause water to enter the abdomin best free sex simulator al cavity and the metal inside will rust and affect the life of the doll. (If you need to clean the doll's vagina, it is recommended to use a dry rod to dry the vagina after c sex simulator on mobile leaning to prevent the vagina from getting wet and causing bacteria.)
4. Doll makeup is usually made using fix realdoll x ing technology, but it will gradually fade over time, so please apply makeup by your own hands.
If you acquire makeup techniques, you can make your own look more. It is recommended to remake your doll using commonly sold women's cosmetics. (Avoid overly sticky makeup.)
5. When storing, try to wear light and non-fading clothes, while maintaining a relaxed state so t companion robot woman hat there is no tension on the joints of the doll. We recommend clothes that cover the whole body as much as possible.
How do you store sex doll ebays?

I will introduce you to three common storage methods.

1. Lay to store
your doll in a bed, carry bag, or even a flat storage space.
After disassembling the legs, please disassemble the legs, then put the torso and legs together in a flat storage case. Store the storage case in a horizontal position.


2. Hang and store
hooks to hang the doll on the hanger.

3. Stand for
storage If you want to stand up and store, you will need a dedicated stand. The stand is secured by placing the hip joint on the supporting part.

TPE Love Doll, but what about greasy and odors?

Because it is TPE material, there may be some bleed odor and bleed stains.

This is also an individual difference, so it is a guide to sex dolls toys some extent, but I think you can think that it is the same as common TPE dolls.

Regarding the bleed here, there was a voice from users who purchased that cleaning or putting it for a certain period of time would often solve the problem.

Can you specify the depth of the Vagina?

You can specify it. If you wish, please leave a note when ordering.

Is it possible to send me photos before shipping?

Yes, we will send you the real picture as soon as the doll is fini doll lovers images shed.

Will Aibei Doll campaign extra bed wigs be included?

Yes, it comes free of charge. Please tell me the extra head number when placing an order.

Will I incur an additional fee if I want to change the head of the initial doll to a different head because it is not necessary?

There is no additional charge. If you would like to change the head, please tell us the head you would like when ordering.

Is it possible to combine the face and body of a different brand of L realistic female love dolls ove Doll?

It is possible to combine the face and body of a different brand.
However, if you order a body+head of a different brand, w sext dolls e will inform you that you have the following caveats:

①, Flesh color
Each brand has a flesh-tone tone. Even if you choose the same skin color or order a different brand of body+head, there may be difference between silicone and tpe a difference in skin tone.

Because the size around the neck of each doll is different, there is a possibility that there is a possibility that there is a difference sex simulator on mobile in steps.

Basically the price of each manufacturer assumes the head+body set price.
If you want a different manufacturer, you will be treated to purchase the head+body alone, so it will be more expensi real looking sex doll ve than the set price It's a
In addition, there is a possibility that you will receive more time than usual, or additi real doll big onal shipping costs may be incurred.

From the above, I think that it is very rude, but in our shop basically we do not recommend to customers to purchase combinations from other manufacturers.

Based on the above, if you really want to combine it, we will big tit dolls make a special link and send it to you.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you have a sample of specific examples of when and when to speak about the voice function?

Japanese utterance is also possible, but it is not AI. You can play simple everyda orient industry doll y words and cute panting voices inspired by sex.

With ONOFF function Enjoy a total of 5 built-in chips, two on the chest, one around the vagina, and two on the thighs. When you touch the position where the love dolls tpe chip is built in, a different audio will be living sex dolls played for each part.

Please refer to this video for more details. sex doll ebay Conversation Features & Toggles

Free accessories for love doll How to use USB heating device

1. Connect the heating device to a USB outlet.

2. Lubricants such as lubricating jelly and lotions are injected into the product's hole or vagina.

3. Insert the heating device into the hole or vagina of the product and warm it for about 5 minutes. (The temperature can be adjusted real life size dolls depending on the insertion time)

However, please note that if heated too much, there is a risk that the product will me love doll home lt.
Also, if you connect the heating device to an outlet for a long time, it may burn, so please disconnect it guy sex dolls from the outlet immediately after use.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


About the item name of the contents at the time of mailing

Our item comes in strict packaging so you can't know what it is from outside, but the name you sign is mar free sex play ked “mannequin”. This is required at the time of customs clearance and cannot be changed.

Currently, Japanese customs scan cargo by X-ray. If you write other item names, you will not be able to pass through customs due to the difference between t real asian doll he item name and the shape of the actual cargo.

We apologize, but thank you for your understanding.

About the full made-to-order love doll

For fully made-to-order, we need to provide detailed requests for your ideal doll.
Therefore, if you provide detailed photos and videos about the doll you are ordering, you will be able to get closer to the black sex doll ideal doll It's a

Photos and videos must be taken from the front, left, right, and back of the person.
In addition, please specify your desired height, weight, and dimensions.

After reviewing the photos and videos you provid perfect sex doll ed, we will evaluate the difficulty, time, and price of the custo tpe doll mization, and create a quote before sending you an email. As soon as the deposit is confirmed, we will start making customized dolls.

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