The Chinese name of BB doll is called “Shunsuid love dolls how they work o” and is a famous adult shopping site in China. It was founded in Beijing in January 2003. They are only one year with high technical power...

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It became one of the ten biggest sex goods shopping sites in China.

BB doll 6 Feature items ❤

1.4-7 layer composite makeup

2. Anti-shedding technology

3. Self-supporting function without bolts

4.43 articular alloy skeleton

5. Realistic vaginal texture

6. Upgraded lightweight technology

In 2016, Shunsuido officially entered the silicon love doll industry. Some love doll manufacturers in China look for factories that produce proxy production early in their brand's founding a real sexu nd sell them under their brand name. When you deploy a brand in this way, the brand cannot be concerned with the quality control real doll shop of the product.

In order to provide the best products to our customers, Shunsuido has selected its own factory and team and developed its own love doll factory silica gel doll. In entering the industry, he conducted a year of market research, studied production technology, and mastered the technical research and development of love dolls.

In order to reproduce the real beauty, Shunsuido spent another three years, simulation engravi sex doll websites ng technology, silicon rubber mold technology, silicon rubber shaping technology, simulation makeup technology, Upgraded six technologies of simulation skin technology, simul petite sex doll ation hair flocking technology.

As a result, we created a high quality robots for sale for adults that “looks like a living person, recreates the feel of a living person, and experiences like a living person.”

Composite makeup of 1, 4-7 layers

The Shunsuido doll uses 4 layers of makeup on the head and 7 layers on the nude sex robot body to recreate a perfect and realistic face.

The love doll industry often completes the doll head with only two layers of makeup, and only a small number of manufacturers make makeup male sex bot by hand. Shunsuido Doll's face makeup is done by skilled maker mini realdolls s who have 3-5 years of makeup experience and apply makeup by hand according sex doll mouth to the texture of the doll.

When applying makeup, a small amount of cosmetics is used, and love robot the color is applied layer by layer to create a subtle texture. By repeating this process all four times, you can highlight the contours of the face and brighten your eyes. The final make ebony sex toys up you can make will be a three-dimensional look, like a real woman. This real makeup recreates a texture that is very close to real human beings.

The makeup on the body is similarly appli sexbots feminism ed seven times to create a real human skin tone. With this makeup, it is possible to create a realistic, contrasting skin, and even f real liebespuppe ine spots such as fine spots, veins vessels and pores.

2. Hair flocking technology processed to prevent hair loss

The doll industry generally uses flocking. This flocking can make th deepthroat dolls e doll more realistic, but some brands of dolls have the problem of hair removal, and many users were struggling with this problem. In order to solve this problem, Shunsuido life size sex toys for men has adopted a hair transplant enhancement technology. This is a rev real size sex doll olutionary technology that keeps hair firmly on the scalp and prevents hair loss.

3. Self-supporting function without bolts

The self-standing doll can take a variety of standing positions and enhance your expressiveness when shooting. However, the self-supporting function of a traditional l mini sec doll ove doll was to attach three bolts to the sole of the foot. This bolt is exposed outside, which reduces the aesthetic appearance of the foot.

Shunsuido succeeded in making doll feet using silicone rubber that is harder than the body's silicone rubber and made the love doll independent without bolts sexual dolls .

Note: Due to the different material of body and foot silica gel, there is a light U-shaped dividing l lifelike adult doll ine.

Alloy skeleton with four or 43 joints

Joints play an important role when using love dools. Having more joints with a movable skeleton means more flexibility and more posture reproduc big boob dolls tion. Shunsuido's silicone doll has 43 j swxdoll oints, of which 29 are the joints of the body and 14 are the joints of the hands. Thi women using sex dolls s makes it easy to reproduce a variety of poses, and I was able to achieve a more realistic feeling of use in various posi high quality sex doll tions.

5. Realistic vaginal interior texture

The vagina of Shunsuido's love doll uses 5 different textures, referring to the actual female vaginal interior. These five different textures are designed to be combined to give the user the sa life size plastic dolls me or better experience as real sexual intercourse.

The vertical pattern placed near the entrance of the vagina creates a stronger stimulus, creates a realistic feel of insertion, and the middle part reproduces the feel of the folds of meat b sexy boy doll y placing small particles and granular protrusions in the middle. By placing large grain protrusions and horizont cyberskin sex dolls al patterns in the back, the adsorption force is s silicon girl price trengthened.

Please check the feeling of use unique to CST that invites users to the summit!

6. Upgraded lightweight technology

robots for sale for adultss usually weigh 35-40 kilog a life size doll rams and quite a bit. This weight was a burden for the user when carrying dolls and why we love them and using it. Therefore, Shunsuido spent nine months of time to comprehensively review the pleasure robots three elements of materials, molds, and production processes to complete the body weight reduction technology. It is now more comfortable to transport realistic life size sex doll and use than ever love dolls.