Wonanii Doll is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, which is said to be the “sacred place of manufacture”, Chinese read as “primitive man” and the location of the factory. Cospa is real sexy dolls a manufacturer dedicated to being high and has a v realdoll bestellen ery large scale. The product mainly focuses on Asian looks, besides the appearance is very beautiful, the details are also very detailed. Especial doll for adult ly the design of the inside of the vagina was very realistic from touch to texture.

The predecessor of Wonani Doll is...


Field-researched up to Wonanii doll factory. Wonani doll is committed to every process from design to production to sales. We have our own pr most realistic sex dolls oduct understanding with leading sculptors, makeup artists and experienced artisans. We can design new products and customize special products for a wide range. The big sex doll is a tr sec dolls aditional Asian woman. The gentle and soft figure w male love doll for women as healed from body to heart. The little sex doll has a cute and quiet figure so cute.