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When you hear the word “beautiful love doll”, what kind of ass do you imagine? If you like men's favorite female parts, chest! But the but people using sex dolls tocks are just as attractive ♡ Softness, roundness not found in men...

The point is that small buttocks are not good, but the hard part of beautiful buttocks is that sexy realistic sex dolls it has a rounded shape that is born by fat, and even if viewed from the side, it is curved. In additio quality love dolls n, it is necessary to have a border between the thighs, the muscles of the upper buttocks develop and the top p fake sex dolls osition is high, and the pelvis is firm. Moderate muscles pull up the buttocks, and such buttocks become a beautiful silhouette when wearing tight skirts and jeans.

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Japanese people tend to feel resistance when they say “buttocks are big”. However, in the West, the big buttocks are sexy and they are said to be ideal beautiful buttocks. The “ratio” robot sex doll with the waist is also important! It is important to think about the silhouette of the buttocks in three real sexl dimensions rather than flat. The ratio of waist and hips, not weight o sex emulator ios r body fat, determines its good or bad. Ideally, silicone lovers the waist value divided by the hip value should be between 0.65 and 0.75.

That's why Kanadoll designed a beautiful butt dutchwiff that highly imitates you. All sex dolls are made of safe TPE and silicone material used for medical u lumidoll se, and alloy on the skeleton, which allows for smooth movement like a real human being. If you want to mini silicone sex doll get a beautiful love doll, I think buying it is a good idea!