I want to rub a beautiful and smooth good milk love doll!

The sexiest part of women will be boobs! A good milk love doll has an ideal C cup or D cup for a man. It's not too big, not too small, and the cute tits in the doggy shape can be said to be beautiful breasts. Isn't just the right size too good for sex shop doll one hand grabbing? When you wrap your middle chest Dutch Wife boobs in your hand, it's soft and tidy feeling great!

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¥ 102,000

The good milk love doll is close to reality and has a more realistic feel. Compared to the Dutch Waiff of Big and Huge Tits, it is more close to real women. The real feeling tpe liebespuppe is the highest because it faithfully reproduces beautiful breasts that look good around! Don't you want to touch tits that have a better feel and smoo mens doll ther skin feel thanks to premium TPE material?

You have a chance to take home a good milk love doll that you want to knead every day .