¥ 49,000

Small size cheap love doll shopping can be found on Kanadoll's official website

Kanadoll also offers high quality baby size Dutch Wifs. It is also called a toddler love doll, but it does not model a rea realdoll oral l child. It looks like a girl and is a mini sex doll ebay with sex doll for female a height of 64 to 115 cm. It is popular among customers who like loli.

Love doll made of premium TPE, so you can enjoy make your own sex doll a soft and delicate feel. Moreover, it is also convenient to carry because it has been successfully reduced in weight. If you are a beginner to love doll and best adult doll are looking for something that you want to buy for the first time and preferably at a low price, then this tpe love dolls mini love doll is for you. First of all, why not try to realize its cuteness on the official website and buy something you like?

60cm, 65cm, 80cm, 100cm, 115cm Love Doll on sale

Kanadoll's official website sells real dolls in sizes 60cm and 65cm, 80cm, 100cm and 115cm. Such mini-series are popular. Kanadoll o realdoll head ffers 100 models in this series alone. (Not yet poste japanese inflatable doll d on the official website, but information w robot sex doll video ill be updated from time to time)

Currently in the lineup are 64 cm and 65cm, 68 cm, 72 cm, 100 cm, 105 cm, and 115 cm of love dolls. There are a variety of tastes, and there are a wide variety such as Lori and Maidens, cute and gentle systems. Surely you will find an adorable sex doll. F the most realistic doll ace and height can be customized freely. Even if there is a special commitment such as “If it is not cute chinese dolls a love doll with a height of 80 cm”, it can be matched to that request. I real doll in action f you like a sex doll ebay with a size of about 60 to 115 cm, you can buy it on our onlin companion robot e shopping site right away.

If you are a beginner to purchase a love doll for the first time this time, we recommend a mini sex doll ebay of about 65 to 80 cm. Not only the size, but also the body is fin sexy anime toys ished in an errand body shape. The weight is core within 5kg. Because it is lightweight, you can have sex w real doll collection ithout any difficulty, and it is easy to maintain such as cleaning and storing. Wh robot companion en you buy a mini love doll, you can enjoy a variety of ways. tpe ou pvc Excellent for COSPA because it offers a variety of experiences even with the smallest models at a low price. If you're not bored after using the mini love doll, you may want to buy a lif full silicone doll e-size one this time. Before buying a 160-175cm love doll, it is recommended to buy a mini love doll.