Kanadoll selling small sex doll ebays

On this site, Kanadoll's 115-130cm small luxury Dutch Wiff is posted. The very popular love doll series, is made with min sex doll with penis imal weight while faithfully recreating from facial to skin texture. Just realistic dolls for sale imagine it. If you have a life-size love doll that is 150 to 170 cm tall and weighs about 35 kg, it will be difficult to carry. But life size human dolls if you buy a small version of sex doll ebay, you can solve such problems, and there are so many variations that you can find your preferred type.

Lineup of 120cm, 125 cm, 128cm, and 130 cm Love Doll

The most popular sizes of small sex doll ebays are 120cm, 125 cm, 128cm and 130cm. Kanadoll is focusing on the love doll's series of this size. There are 9 types of 115 cm, 120 cm and 125 cm, 130 cm each 15 types, 128cm in 10 types. If you are looking for a 115-13 real life like love dolls 0cm model, you will surely find your favorite one. Actual size may be slightly different than w small sex doll hat is shown due to manufacturing issues. But the error is suppressed within 3 cm, so the difference in appearance will not be felt first.

The 120 cm love doll may not be displayed on the shopping site. This is due to an issue with the product upload. If you are looking for a 120cm love doll, con like real doll tact customer service directly. Then you will be presented with a photo so you can choose the product. If your height is different, you can also contact our cus sinthetics male doll video tomer service to help you change the size.

The look of the small love doll is finished in a pure image with the appearance of a girl. It looks like a cute little sis sexual robot commercial ter, so even those who love loli will be satisfied. Or have you ever had sweet and sour love in you doll torso r childhood? Even if you can't get that thought back then, you might be able to reproduce it with TPE sex doll ebays.