About customizing love dolls

Want to customize your love doll? Emerging manufacturers with infinite potential are pursuing higher quality and new services every day with the aim of further development.
We accept a variety of orders to meet any needs of our customers. For a description of each option, click (Basic Customization).

How do I customize my love doll?

FULL CUSTOMIZED TO ORDER: Tell us your ideal conditions. If you tell us as specific as possible, we will create the ideal love doll. For example, if you wan sexy animated dolls t a doll modeled after an anime character, please present her photo or video of the model character. Of course y real doll lovers ou can model real people as well. For aro sexual doll und a month, you can create a love doll that fits your ideal.

The details are as follows:

Step 1: Please tell us your ideal love doll's three size, detail size like head circumference, arm circumference etc clearly by email. ssex shop If you provide photos and videos, it will be very helpful.

Step 2: We will email you as soon as possible if yo real female dolls ur request is feasible and an estimate of the required customization costs. (We will also let you know if you need more information about full order.)

Step 3: After confirming all payment amount and customization information, please pay by advance payment if there is no problem etc. After payment is confirmed, ski online free sex simulator lled love doll designer will start to order. The designer will create t cheap sex dolls he prototype from clay and ask the customer to confirm it in the photo. (model of the head and body of the love doll)

Step 4: Once you have confirmed and appreciated your love doll design, we will start to produce the love d cheap doll oll in Kanadoll factory. Made of medical grade TPE/silicone material and high quality durable metal skeleton, you can rest assured to use.

Step 5: Once you have finished your full bespoke love doll, we sax doll price will send you the finished picture and vid real doll x eo of the product.

Step 6: Check your love doll with photos and videos and get ready for shi mini sec doll pping if there is no problem. (Please contact us if you have real life dolls for sale any hope for packaging or packaging.)

Step 7: After the shipment is complete, we will send you the tracking number by email. Please wait until you arrive at home. Your ideal love doll will be delivered to you within 12 business days. Please b sx doll e assured that we are committed to safe and courteous delivery when it comes to shipping.

Note: For fully tailor-made love dolls, love dolls are for sale only by you and will not use the data you provide to sell them to others. Therefore, you cannot cancel a love doll th love doll reviews at has entered the production process.

Basic customization

First, in Kanadoll's online store, decide your preferred head and body type.

Once your head and body combination are determined, you can proceed with specific customizations sexy doll icons on the product detail page. The items you can customize are as follows:

Introducing Kanadoll Love Doll options!

Kanadoll offers a variety of additional options to help you flexibly meet your requirements. Feel free to choose the option of your choice and wish for only one love doll in your blow up doll silicone own world. There are free and paid options, and there are more than 10 in total.

  • Free options: wig, eye, areola, skin, nail, vagina, labia type or color.
  • Paid options: Jelly Chest (New), Hollow Boobs (New), FLEX PRO Frame (New), Heating F asian silicone unction, Freestanding Function, Pubic Flocking, etc...

(In addition to the above options, it is also possible to customize your height, chest size, etc sex doll sex video ., according to other requests, so please feel free to contact our Japanese staff once please.)


1. Hairstyles (about wigs and hairstyles)

You can choose your favorite hair style from our list. From smooth straight hai chubby bbw sex r with Asian Beauty black hair to blond blond curly hair like Western models, we have selected wig options t asian doll sex o create the ideal style for you please

Please select the wig number in the free optional specs photo when ordering. (By default, we will select the same hairstyle family simulator sex free as the image on the product page.)

FAQ: Can I add multiple wigs to my love doll?
Answer: You can choose as many wigs as you like, but they will be paid. I think that it life like dolls for women is much more affordable than buying a wig separately, so please contact service2021@ if you wish.

Skin color (skin color)

You can choose from a total of three types: natural and natural skin, white like a typical beauti love dolls for men ful girl, and tan wheat.
*The default state is the same color as the image on the product page.

Areola/nipple color

Available in a total of 4 different nipple and areola colors. (Natural, Pink, Light Brown, Dark Brown) * The default state is pleasure robots selected as “Same color as image on product pa real doll artificial intel ge”. (Depending on your request, you can customize to increase areola size.)

FAQ: Can I make areola bigger?
Answer: We can customize it to your desired size. And it's free!

Eye color (eye color)

The impression of the love doll changes dramatically depending on the color of t doll love making he eyes. It easily turns from a calm impression like Yamato Nadeshiko to an exotic exotic atmosphere. (By default, the same eye color as the image on silicone full body the product page will be selected automatically.)

Nail color (nail color)

If you choose a nail color that matches your love doll's personality, it sexy female dolls will be more fashionable and beautiful. Although it is a color type, two types of natura real asian doll l and pink are available. (By default, “Nail color same as image on product page” is selected.)

Type of vagina (Vagina type)

If you are looking for a more pleasant stimulus, we recommend a “one-piece” Vagina. Since the inside of the vagina is realistic, it is possible to enjoy a different feelin female robot companion g from the “removable type”. However, when it comes to cleaning and maintainability, “removable” is better in terms of hygiene. Onahorls are provided to customers who have designated sex simulator no sign up “removable”. If you have any questions about handling, please feel free to contact us via email as we have a reference video. (By default, “Integral” is selected.)

— Paid options

Flocking option (for a fee)

If you are looking for a more realistic pubic look, we recommend the flocking option. You can choose the amount of hair from the following three types. (3 kinds of small quantity, ordinary and sophisticated sex robot thick) Depending on your request, we can also respond to requests such as arms and buttocks, so please do not hesitate to contac anal dolls t us. Our Japanese staff will respond to you as much as possible.

FAQ: Can I specify the size and shape of the flocking?
Answer: It is possible to flock your hair according to your wishes. If you get a reference photo of the ideal hair, we will use the material to help you flock your hair. (However, it is not possibl dildo dolls e to express 100% perfectly as shown in the picture, so please be aware in advance.)

NEW- Chest option (popular)

Kanadoll has newly prepared 3TYPES of “Standard Boobs”, “Jelly Boobs” and “Hollow Boobs” ahead of other companies. In particular, the jelly breast infused with jelly-like gel is very soft and supp ultimate sex dolls le, making it a very popular new option right after launch. Reference videos are also available, so please tell us if you w flat chested real doll ish. Hollow boobs have a soft feel due to their holl free vr sex simulator ow contents, as the name suggests. (Standard boobs are selected by defa girls with sex dolls ult.)


Kanadoll has developed a new skeleton that improves the range of motion of the shoulders and joints. The newly de bbw love doll veloped “FLEX PRO frame” has further improved the range of motion of the shoulder and knee, so it could not be previously possible Poses (fo dolls that look like people r example, shrug, seiza, 48 hands, etc.) can also be expressed! It a robot sex future lso has the advantage that even beginners of love dolls can easily take off and change clot big tit sex doll hes.

Heating function

By adding heating function, the love doll will have body temperature and feel warm like a real woman! If you are dissatisfied with hinyari sex dolls, we recommend the heating op my sex doll tion. The instruction manual is available, so please read carefully before using it. Please be careful about accidents that occur with the method of use not described in the instructions, as this wi custom sex doll ll not be covered by the warranty. (The heating function is not instal srx doll led by default.)
For more information about heating functions, please refer to silicone dolls supplies the Love Doll Heating Function Manual

Self-reliance option

A must-have function for those who are intended to watch and shoot love dolls is a self-reliance option. The legs of the standar silicone girls d love doll are soft, so it is difficult to stand stably. Therefore, by incorporating a self-supporting metal supp japanese adult toys ort in the sole, the doll can be self-relied on its own. However, there are disadvantages as well. Water may be mixed from the me realdoll cost tal support part of the foot, so you will not be able to soak in the bath. Care must be taken when taking a shower. (By default, it is in a state that has no autonomy function.)

If you do not have a choice of options that you want for free or paid, the default configuration will be supported. (See model image on product page for default configuration.) Then mov realistic black sex dolls e on to preparing for shipment.

Finally, if you would like to customize your body shape, dildos, nose rings, tattoos, etc., please contact us by email. We will respond as much as possible silicone sex doll Email address: service2021@