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AIBEI DOLL is one of the best TPE love doll manufacturers.
Established in 2017, the manufacturer's location is located in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, Chi ssbbw sex doll na. It has a modern production workplace, and high technology and excellent equipment. TPE material, which is the raw material, has only been carefully selected, meets st best silicone dolls rict safety standards, and has its own quality control to guarante real sex doll video e the quality of the product...


We are further striving to minimize production costs. AIBEI DOLL offers a sex rpg sim wide range of types of TPE Love Dolls, not free simulation sex only has many product designs, but also fulfills many customer requests and manufactures fully made-to-order love dolls It silicone girl dolls 9;s


❤ Leg demolition function ❤

❤ Upgraded Finger Skeleton ❤

❤ Heating function ❤

❤ Sturdy packaging ❤

Kanadoll offers high quality love dolls for love doll lov sex simulator android free ers all over the world, with the best of COSPA. Our local company research team conducted in-depth research at the AIBEI DOLL factory. As a result, AIBEIDOLL had reallifesexdolls great potential and recognized it as a manufacturer of producing high quality love dolls and signed a sales contract. Kanadoll focuses on choosing a manufacturer that is rea women with sex dolls lly good quality, regardless of name recognition. These things made it possible to provide love doll enthusiasts with low price and high quality products.

Why can you trust the quality of AIBEI DOLL

Ru, the founder of AIBEI DOLL, is one of the most product-quality managers in the industry. He not only uses the finest TPE raw materials, but also employs th mi real doll e most stringent manufacturing quality standards in the industry.

AIBEI love dolls do not see the commonly occurring seaming lines (parting lines). AIBEI DOLL handles fine details that other brands can easily disregar sex made in china d, such as fingers, toes and armpits. In the de 3d sex emulator for android tails of the doll, we make sure that its skin is smooth and undamaged. In this regard, Roh stated that he is more confident than many famous brands.

Through the photo and video below, you can see the elaborate of AIBEI DOLL Love Doll.

AIBEI DOLL not only conducts strict quality control, but also is sensitive to the latest trends in the industry, constantly updating its pro realistic blow up dolls ducts.

1, leg dismantling function

If you prefer a love doll that is over 140 cm tall, but you are in trouble because you don't have enough storage space, this new technology can solve it. AIBEI realistic sec doll DOLL has developed a love doll whose legs can be dismantled. This product not only allows you to enjoy the sex experienc sex sim rpg e of a love doll of normal height, but also eliminates the hassle of storage like a mini love doll.

The assembly of the legs is easy and convenient. In addition, the love doll with mini sex leg disassembly function has split lines on the leg, so you don't have to worry if you are looking for realism. In that case, you can wear stockings or android sex robot pants and almost no disassembly function will www realdoll com be the same as a love doll.

2. Upgrading the finger skeleton

At the request of our customers, we upgraded our finger bones to provide you with a more realistic experience. It is possible to move 95% of the range of motion that human hands have. No love sex dolls w you can take different poses more flexibly.

If you have a metal wire inside your love doll finger or if you are looking for realism to your fingertips, you can rest assured. This upgraded f living sex doll inger frame can solve those problems.

3. Heating function

The heating function is a function that warms the doll by using a built-in heating wire from the d sex chat robot oll's elbow joint to the top and above the knee joint. Charge for about 1 hour and can keep warm for about 3 hours. With this heating funct best sex simulator for android ion, the doll's temperature is close to the body temperature (about 38°C). The plug hole used for heating is on the back. Th silicone and tpe is feature is ideal for low temperatures, for example, in winter. Dolls dildo dolls are more humane and can give users a warm warmth.

The emphasis on quality of AIBEI DOLL is reflected in the packaging. We choose the highest quality car real doll comprar dboard boxes in the industry, and the hardness and thickness of the cardboard is the leading level in the industry.

In addition, it uses a firm packaging method, which is filled with enough filling for shock protection. Even if the product goes through thousands of kilos of interna anime sex toy tional transport, it is taken to ensure that there is no damage. Of course, we are also focusing on privacy, so we can't tell you what's i asian real dolls nside from the outside of the cardboard.

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