Company overview

Business name Hapira Bragge
founding August 2019
location 4-13-11 Higashioi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0011
Factory production area Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
Email contact service2021@ (24 hours)
Business hours ● Monday-Friday: 9:30 to 19:00
(except 13:00 to 14:30)
● Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays (year-end, etc.) silicone inflatable dolls
No store type sex sex special sales Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Committee [Permission nu sexy doll china mber] No. 21713
Video transmission type sex sex special sales Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Committee【Permission Number】No. 22040
BUSINESS Various communication sales

Welcome to KANADOLL Love Doll Dealer! Kanadoll is an agency with a special business philosophy in the love doll women sex doll industry.

We started our love doll sales business in 2019, established a platform for online shops throughout Japan, followed by a we life size human dolls bsite platform for Europe and the United States in 2020.

Unlike regular mail order stores, all of Kanadoll's love dolls are manufactured by a new manufacturer with high potential. We have one of the best regional enterprise research teams sexdollsonline in the industry, and we build close relationships with our suppli sexy lady doll ers factory. The quality and technology of the cooperating manufacturers are the same and reliable as other popular Love Doll brands, and we were able to avoid the dis robot prostitute advantage of the premium price of popular brands.

We kanadoll and these new manufacturers are working hard to develop every day to gain the trust of our customers. Of cour erotic torso se, we aim to provide the best service in the industry. Customers are welcome to make us sex doll ebay a variety of requests. Our mission is to meet the various demands of our customers!

Features of Kanadoll online store:

Kanadoll only sells high cost performance love d sex dolls review olls.

If you want products with the same quality and high value as a famous brand, our shop is the perfect shop!

Our love dolls are made of safe TPE and silicone materials, which are also used in medical practice.

These love dolls are wrapped around the metal skeleton with lifelike texture skin, and the metal skeleton is tightly adjusted so you can take free poses. You can enjoy a variet companion dolls y of play with real women.

These dolls are available in a variety of options and customizations to suit your liking, such as hairstyle, skin color, pubic hair, breast liebespuppe doll size, self-reliance, vaginal type, etc.

The way to buy is so easy!

Supports multiple payment methods. To find out how to order, click here: How to buy love dolls in Kanadoll?

Free worldwide shipping! We provide the best pre-sales and after-sale service.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the inquiry form.

From inquiries before purchase to after-sales service, Japanese staff will respond, so please feel free to ask any questions. For more information about shi seoul korea sex pping and service, please click “About shipping and shipping”.

Factory site photos

This is a photo of the factory taken by Kanadoll's local company research team at the time of the survey. Please tak most expensive sex doll e a look!

What are the criteria for choosing manufacturers Kanadoll partners with?

In the old Chinese language, there is a word called “prudence, for personal use” (Qi Jing S robot swx i, Weji Soyun). The meaning is “Let's absorb the strengths of yo human sex doll ur opponent and become able to use it for yourself.”

It also means turning from there and trying to rationally analyze the opponent's shortcomings, reflect it in yourself and be careful.

To embody this word, unlike distributors that directly sell popular brand products on behalf, Kanadoll has a professional local enterprise research team to visit, invest real life anime doll igate and tour manufacturers in all regions in Guangdong, China and so on.

Its contents are investigating the details of products, materials and production at each plant. Through a detailed evaluation pr sex dolls for her ocess, we have selected developing manufacturers that are currently low known but have great poten guy sex doll tial, and we have partnered with these factories. What these emerging factories have in common is “high cost performance”, which is the corpor man real doll ate philosophy we are working on.

Its quality and technology are the same as those of well-known manufa talking blow up dolls cturers, with high reliability and lack o se x dolls f premium prices, which are the disadvantages of famous expensive sex robots brands.

By actively partnering with these high technology and reliable emerging manufacturers, we have achieved realistic female sex doll the highest level of cost performance in the industry.

Product safety

It's not an inflatable doll, it's a sex doll ebay. Rest assured that our love dolls are made of high quality TPE & Silicone material with high safety.

Product certificate

Why do popular brands get premium prices?

As a responsible distributor, one of its important management principles is to improve user satisfaction and develop manufacturers at the body safe tpe same time through business. We believe that our responsibility as a distributor buy sex doll is to try to reduce the distance between the manufacturer and its suppliers as much as possible.

The premium price of a popular brand is determined by many users in terms of the quality and safety of the brand and its warranty.

You can redeem that many users choose a famous brand because that's why it's so safe. Howe esex dolls ver, that would lead to an extra premiere reflected in the price, even though it should be sold at an appropriate price if it was originally.

We are not willing to easily reflect the premiere in the price, and to bear the so-called “credit” to our users.

Price is a decision after conducting appropriate research to ensure quality and safety.

In that regard, based on the survey results of the regional research team, we determine the price based on the results of consultation with partner manufactu male sexdoll rers. We believe that our prices are the most appropriate in the industry.

How do you guarantee the quality of emerging manufacturers?

Even though it is a popular brand, its raw materia silicone vs tpe ls use the same materials “TPE” and “silicon rubber” as basic raw materials for making love dolls.

When we select a partner, we look for factories that adopt the same excellent quality medical TPE material and love doll small silicon rubber material as well as famous manufacturers.

These factories are not big, but they are therefore good place real doll 2.0 s where small turns work.

In other words, we can make unique products with molds designed in-house.

Popular brands are so popular that we do not accept small lot orders or personalised ord real silicon sexdoll ers, but each manufacturer with which we partner can handle these orders. It can be said that there are benefits that famous sex bot app manufacturers can't do here.

These factories can also manufacture love dolls with unique characteristics that are not found in existing products, and are, in other words, limitless development. E realistic robots for sale for adultss merging manufacturers are working with us every day and night to further leap forward.

By our efforts, Kanadoll gained authority from many 6ye premium manufacturers. The manufacturers that have ever partnered with Kanadoll span a large number of Ai robot dolls pictures bei, MeSE, Dimu, aizhimei, Wonanii, SY, AF and so on. At the same time, we con realdoll vs tinue to negotiate to work with more trusted brands. We are working sincerely make your own love doll to develop more attractive new products, so please look forward to the future!