MeSe Doll is a manufacturer in Dongguan, China, founded in 2017. The factory area is 3000 square meters, and the compa social companion robots ny has more than 300 employees. Among them, 20 specialized re rent a real doll search and development workers are enrolled, with 50 high-class mold manufacturers and nearly 150 excellent manufacturers. It is a modern and powerful high-tech club doll lovedoll torso manufacturer that integrates scientific research, production, sales, service and technical support.

MeSe Doll is a German advanced...


By introducing production equipment, we own nearly 100 fake human dolls patterns of product molds and produce products of excellent quality. We invest a lot of money every year, and we already have one patent (phalanx patent) in t love doll movie he research and development of new products and properties, and at the sa love dolls realistic me time apply for three other patents.

★ - ☆ - MeSe Doll 6 features - ☆ - ★

★☆ Auto Lubrication ☆★

★☆ Beautiful face makeup ☆★

★☆ Upgraded Finger Skeleton ☆★


★☆ Realistic body makeup ☆★

★☆ Separate parts for leveled legs ☆★

The products are already well received in sex goods exhibitions in many countries, such as the United States, Germany, Europe and so on, and are expor real male dolls ted to the whole world market. Both in China and abroad, have earned a high reputation among the indus real doll collection try for its sincere response and product quality.

In 2021, KanaDoll's regional corporate research team conducted a survey of Mese Dollar manufacturers. For about a week, we went ultimate pleasure experience robots directly to the factory to get detailed data about its characteristics and quality. Here realistic looking dolls are the features of the resulting MeSe Doll products.

①. Separate parts for leveled legs

Compared to other manufacturers' separate parts with bolt connections, MeSe Doll has voluntarily developed buckle-type leg separate parts. This buckled leg separate part turns the b sex doll demo olt into a pressure-type to make it easy to put on and take off.

The leg of the bolt connection was easy to fall off due to deterioration of the leg depending on the time of use, and the dur erotic sex dolls ability of the bolt was also problematic. The buckle-type separate parts solve this problem and make it even easier to store and carr second hand love dolls y.

②. Auto lubrication

MeSe Doll adopted a new material when manufacturing the vagina of the Lovedol. This material is easily soluble in water, and if you put a little water into realdoll mini the vagina and rub it lightly, you can achieve a lubricating effect. Novel materials added to the pubic area are harmless to t buy a sex doll he human body and do not worry about allergies.

They are used for both insert and stationary vagina, so customers no longer need to buy a separate lotion.

③. Upgraded finger skeleton

The finger skeleton of a common doll is made of metal wire, and the joint of the hand can be bent freely, but the inner wire makes it easy to pierce the doll's skin, and if you are m legal skin love doll oving many times, the metal wire inside will break It will be easier.

This led MeSe Doll to upgrade the skeleton of the hand. The skeleton of the new finger is even more flexible and even more durable than the normal skeleton.

(All silicone and tpe love dolls over 148cm apply this feature)

④. Beautiful face makeup

TPE doll: Makers design eyebrows according to the doll's sexy chinese doll face shape and patiently draw eyebrow lines. The number of “fractions” for each eyebrow is s perfect woman robots trictly stipulated so as not to be less than sex doll petite 200. Thanks to this, more delicate and realistic eyebrows a real doll sales re reproduced.

Silica gel doll: Silica gel head sculpture adopts new technology, the h sex emulator log in ead production is elaborate and beautiful, coupled with skin texture to achieve a more realistic appearance. Eyelashes, eyebrows and hair all adopt the techn tpe doll canada ique of flocking, and similarly, the face uses a complex and elaborate makeup scheme. I realistic japanese sex dolls n order to achieve a more perfect makeup, th best doll sex ere are highly skilled sculptors and makers in the makeup team of about sex mannequins 10 people. Each of the artisans in the team is committed to makeup seriously, and they are working hard every day to achieve a custom celebrity dolls more ideal makeup.

Makers use airbrushing special pigments to evenly spray the doll's face. The makeup applied by this method is not only beautiful but also durable.

⑤. New smart love doll

Smart Love Dolls are based on regular love dolls with additional heating functions. It warms from the inside of the doll through the built-in hotline. This function is controlled by a tpe rubber safe temperature-controlled probe, which can heat up to t adult japanese dolls he human body temperature (37°C) in about an hour of heating.

(The heating function can be selected for love dolls over 100 sexsimulator got cm)

⑥ .Realistic body makeup

After the completion of the basic production of the love doll, makeup is applied to each part of the human body using special paints formulated by the makers. The black sex love makeup for this body changes the doll's texture to a more realistic one.

The Kanadoll Regional Corporate Research Team conducted an inspection of MeSe Doll's factory. Please see the photos of the interior realdoll sale of the factory that were taken during that time.

See photos of accessories provided free of charge.

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