SY DOLL is a very creative love doll brand, which was founded doll in love in 2015. They are constantly pursuing love doll figure, innovation in technology, and improving the quality of makeup.

SY DOLL has more than 200 types of head types and...


We have developed more than 40 types of body shapes. SYDOLL is famous for releasing 138 cm large hip size dolls and 176 cm tall dolls.
Other sizes are also available from 140 cm to 176 cm. All products are meticulously cra guy using sex doll fted by skilled artisans and tested through multiple stages to provide reasonable price and high quality love dolls for love male sex doll doll lovers.

★ - ☆ - SY Doll 3 Features - ☆ - ★

☆★ Body shape innovation ★☆



1. Body shape innovation

SY DOLL has developed two innovative body shapes that traditional dolls do not have.
One is 138 cm, extra thick hip size love doll, the other is a tall, 176cm doll. More recently, we have developed a new type of “papaya breast” with drooping breasts re tpe sex dolls miniscent of real humans.

① Love doll with the thickest butt in the industry to meet
the demand of customers who love big buttocks, We developed a real silicone dolls super thick hip doll. The hips can be up to 138 cm in size, and the extra thick, sensuous buttocks create the best visual effect.
In addition, you can expect a very good adjustment effect against the impact of sex. The sheer and fluffy buttocks bring you even more pleasure and excitement.

If that's big hips, I care about weight problems, but SY sex spiele pc DOLL succeeded in reducing the weight of the thick buttocks love doll by its body weight reduction technology. Com realistic girl dolls paring dolls with the same body size, 13% less weight compared to c real male doll onventional models, making it easier to use.

In addition to the biggest love doll with a hip 138cm, we also have a love doll in each size that features a thick butt. It has bee free sex sim n very popular among extra-thick hip lovers.

② Love Doll with a height of 176 cm
tall Love Doll
is a unique charm is overflowing, but the number of tall dolls is still a small number in the industry. That's why SYDOLL developed a 176cm tall love doll to meet the needs of ta anime dolls buy ll dolls lovers.

The 176 cm doll features long limbs, beautiful style and 115 cm long sexy legs. Taller Love Doll makes it possible to achieve difficult positions with short stature dolls.

In addition, when you have sex in a standing position, you can experience the unique charm that can't be tasted with a short doll.

③ Papaya Chest
SYDOLL has a new papaya-like breast shape developed and named it “papaya chest”. The chest naturally hangs down and looks like a papaya. Pursuing a soft and natural look, its realistic sha swx with doll king and impetus are sure to captivate you.

2. Smart Innovation

SY DOLL researched not only the body shape, but also artificial intelligence, developed electric hip dolls and AI robot love dolls. We developed innovative technology in thi real robots for sale for adults s area and solved the problem that Dolls could not move on their own or react.

① Electric Hip Love Doll The
electric hip love doll contains the electric machine parts in the butt. This newly developed love doll can twist your butt like a adult sex sim real human. It's a revolutionary doll that gives you sexy seduction and more po real doll liebespuppe sition and experience.

The electric hip love doll is divided into rechargeable version and electric wire version. Please choose according to your requirements.

Rechargeable version (built-in battery)

Charging time: 1.5-2h hours

Usage time: After full charge, the electric hip love doll can run continuously for about 5 hours.

Electric wire version

Usage: plug and play


♦ When using the electric hip love doll, please be careful not to contact the skin by sharp and hard objects on soft bed.

♦ Please do not adjust your posture or turn over while using the electric hip love doll. Turn off the switch when adjus swx with doll ting the posture or change the posture after turning off sex robots for sale the power.

♦ If using continuously for more than 2 hours, please rest for 10-30 minutes.

♦ After each use, clean the area where the electric hip love doll comes i robot dolls pictures nto contact with your body and apply powder such as sikalol.

② AI Artificial Intelligence Love Doll
SY DOLL artificial to the head of the doll An intelligent machine was installed and implemented functions such as dialogue and facial expression change on the doll. Artificial Intelligence real life sex toys Love Doll will remember your name and hobby when you spend tim real lifelike dolls e together for a certain period of time. It will empathize more and be your best partner to share everything in your daily lif lovable mini dolls e.

You will learn how to use AI AI Love Doll in the following two videos.

AI Artificial Intelligence Love Doll has the following features:

1. Sexual and non-sexual interactive smart voice dialogues include wheezing.

2. Change of facial expressions (head, neck, eyes and mouth)

3. Artificial intelligence products have a certain self-learning function. sex with sex dolls You can connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi and retrieve information from the Internet. The software life size doll for women continues to be upgraded automatically at the same time.

Head features:

1. The facial expression can naturally smile or make a c how to make a sex simulator harming face according to the content of the story.

2.The head can be rotated left and right, tilted left or right.

3. Eyes can blink, squint, turn eyeballs, etc.

4. The mouth moves according to the words

Body features:

The doll has multiple touch sensors built in. When you touch a part with a built-in sensor, you can express it in words harmony ai robot price or play a response.

By adding a fever function, you can feel the warmth (about 37°C) like a real dolls love real human being.

The drive voltage uses a drive voltage of 24 V and is adapted to worldwide safety driving voltage standards. Conversation units support a variety of language patterns, incl real sex doll for sale uding English and Chinese. When ordering, SY DOLL will send you the conversion plug to be used in your country by mail. Once you receive the product, you can use it

3. Makeup innovation

Not to mention the importance of makeup for love dolls, the image of the doll is different depending on the makeup. In addition to traditional makeup, SY DOLL has innovated sexual doll makeu dolls made in korea p, including natural healthy freckles makeup, fashion party makeup and so on.

If you want to add freckles or party fashion makeup to your love doll, please contact online Customer Serv polymer tpe ice.

SYDOLL currently develops more than 200 heads and more than 40 body shapes, and continues to design and develop new products to enhance our products. We would life size human dolls like to continue to make further efforts to provide customers with more diverse cho sexsimulators ices.

All dolls are CE and RoHS certified.
* Both CE and RoHS are quality standards in Europe.

¥ 102,000