DIMU DOLL reads “DIM” in Chinese and its manufacturer is located in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, which is said to be t customizable sex doll he capital of China's manufacturing industry.

We are a manufacturer that focuses on science, technology, and research and development in particular. There are more than 100 employees of the manufacturer, among which are specialized...


There are 5 R&D personnel and 8 highly skilled workers. At the same time, an international team of designers with an international perspective and industry leading achievements are also organi real sexdoll zed. The product lineup is rich and has a universal aesthetic sense regardless of the east and west of the ocean.

The manufacturer also manages all production processes at its own factory and has the industry love dolls for sell 9;s leading mold manufacturing technology and equipment research and development center.



★☆ Realistic body design ☆★

★☆ Three kinds of vaginal structure according to body size ☆★

★☆ Private customization available for full order ☆★

DIMU DOLL mainly produces silicone rubber and TPE love dolls. All materials are imported from overseas, and all materials are medical qual realistic male dolls ity, so they are harmless to human body and have high safety.

The skin of TPE doll produced by DIMU is smooth and delicate, free of foreign odor, soft to the touch and elastic like a real person. The silicone doll has a rich skin texture buy love doll and can soften the areas where softness is required.

DIMUDOLL is a factory with high potential, and its products have the same quality as well as famous brands. We also offer breakthrough services, and our full-order custo best simulated sex m dolls also offer services to produce sex doll ebays that look like the original model.

1. Fresh girl and loli style makeup design

Every brand of love doll has a unique style, but the dolls created by DIMU adopt a girly style with a focus on makeup and bright colors of Japanese s love doll factory tyle. There is not a single whimsy makeup in fancy colors. By combining its makeup style with soft TPE material, DIMU DOLL curvy sex expresses the originality and softness unique to DIMU DOLL.

2. Realistic body

Each product of DIMU DOLL is based on the actual human mode lumi dolls l, and the balance of detail is determined and commercialized based on the human body. Even if you are a Dutch Wife of various ages such as young girls, Lolita style, girls, and mature women, you super realistic sex doll can reproduce a balanced body without any discomfort love doll for sale , even with characteristic styles such as small tits, n cheap lovedoll ormal, big breasts, and huge tits.

Data such as the size of each body, shoulder width, arm length, and foo big tit doll t length are determined based on accurate proportionat pregnant love dolls e size, which allows for a variety of natural poses.

Three types of hole structures that fit each of three or three types of bodies

The body of DIMU DOLL products is usually divided into three types (Lolita, Girl, Mature). pp tpe plastic Depending on the type of body, the structure inside the vaginal hole is also different. It is meticulously crafted to ensure that artificial intelligence companion dolls the purchaser uses the product for a more realistic experience, similar to the real man with doll girlfriend time.

Lolita body vagina: The entrance is narrow and internal stimuli are also strongly adjusted. With multiple layers of spiral texture, each of which works, brings pleasure that can no teen sex doll t be tasted in a hall with only a monotonous internal structure. In addition, it has an inner wall shaped like a mountain range, and the suction power is doubled japanese love doll hotel at the end of the child. It has a tight feeling of pressure on the whole, and it is a specification that recreates the interio anime japanese love doll r of a new lolita that is exactly “undeveloped”.

Girl-shaped vagina: The entrance of the vagina is r adult size doll elatively loose and smooth than the Lolita one, with dense, convex textur like real doll e and combined lateral folds provide additional stimulation when used It's a Overall loose and mod love dolls silicone erate tightness, it can be irritated by irregular meat walls.

Vagina in the form of a mature woman: the entrance to the vagina has transverse continuous folds, and there is a granular protrusion to pinch it. This creates an intense stimulation during insertion. It also has a doll robot sex large grain of beaded protrusions in the middle for a stronger feel. In the utero mouth, which is the innermost, granular protrusion is placed more dense, so you can feel the feeling of tpe buy a mature woman.

4. Private customized love doll

As a developing brand, DIMU DOLL is committed not only in the quality of products but also in terms of service fo 3d sex simulation free r further leap forward, so as to respond to the voices of all users I'm serving. DIMU DOLL offers personalised, full order customiza real dolls for sex tion services that have been requested by users a lot.

If you provide clear pictures of each angle of the mode rubber love dolls l that the buyer wants to customize, the manufacturer will be able to produce a real doll based on the photo after a few steps. Its reproducibility is 90%, which is well received by life like male dolls many users.

¥ 56,000¥ 47,800