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In Japan where modesty and depth are virtue, the symbol of femininity for Yamatonadeshiko is not small tits... Pretty, firsty, and small tits with danger and silicon wives review transience that you should not touch are worthy of admiration. And because of suc robot sex dolls h a small milk, sometimes you want to treat it carefully as you stroke silk, and sometimes you want to caress so strongly that you want to break it... Isn't eex doll it just suitable for an essential man's play lovedoll torso tool!

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Small affordable sex dolls is the thinnest figure of sex dolls. There is not much meat and it is slim. The weight is determined to female silicone doll a certain extent depending on your height. Generally, the weight of 65 to 80 cm is within 5 kg. The height is 12 kg for original real doll 100 cm, the 125 cm one is 16 kg, the 140 cm is 25 kg women sex dolls , the 150 cm is 27 kg, and the 150 cm one is 27 kg, 160 ~ The 170 cm item will be 33 to 36 kg. When buying small tits Dutch Wife, you can buy your own real doll based on your height and pregnant dolls weight. Light weight allows you to take any position on bed, so it is poss realistic inflatable doll ible to enjoy different sex. You can also change different clothes for fun.

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