Sensitivity different from Japanese, foreign love doll

Foreign love dolls are more three-dimensional and deep, such as a small face and a clear nose, slender and long legs. I tpe rubber safe like to dress up sexually mature. I think that the skin is moderately tanned as a proof of health status. Personality can be extroverted and obedient.

Unlike Japanese Kawaii culture, in the United States, both men and women are most demanding to be sexy. Girls lov doll anime e cute things too, but with the aim of becoming more sexy, they start makeup when they become higher grades of elementary school. Compared to Japanese children of love doll sex the same age, they are at least outwardly mature and look like adults.

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SY Love Doll , Aibei Love Doll, AF Love Doll, Mese Love Doll

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Foreign love dolls are popular in Europe and the United States, because there are many dolls that are clearly noticeable. Compared to Asians, Westerners have a nose muscle, mor dolls lifelike e sculpted and three-dimensional faces, and the percentage of so-called beauties is higher. There are also many Japanese people who have longing realistic doll woman for white skin.

Compared to Asians, Westerners are many ta sex doll looks real ll people, and they also take care of such circumstances. The height is 150 to 160 cm, 160-175 cm, and the weight is about 28-36 kg. If you are looking for a model for shooting, sex doll with penis buying a foreign Dutch Wife is a good idea. It is also recommended to refer to cosplay.

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