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130-140cm love doll will be your ideal partner.

Kanadoll sells 138cm and 140cm real TPE Dutch Wife, so se dolls you can freely choose the model you like. This is a love doll, but models with various features such as cute and girls are available in the lineup. It will fulfill your desire to do something naughty sex dolls vagina with a Lori girl. Any doll is of high quality and takes the form o family sex simulator apk f an improved direct sales store in China, so it has no middle margin and offers it at the cheapest price. Once you f real dolls sex dolls ind your favorite doll, she will arrive at your home as soon as you place an order.

We sell 130cm and 140cm love dolls.

Love dolls with sizes 130cm to 140cm are suitable for medium adult dolls. Models of this size are centered on loli and beautiful women. Kanadoll has 15 kinds of 130 cm cheap sex dolls love dolls, 60 kinds of 138cm love dolls, and 10 140 cm love dolls. (Please note that all of these models are not shown real doll discount on the Kanadoll website) If her height is different from what she wants, do not worry because it is customizable. Contact Kanadoll Customer Center to tell you the size you sex simulator on phone want and we'll respond accordingly.